Following Arrest

The Process Following An Arrest

Whenever someone is arrested in California, they are immediately taken to a nearby law enforcement facility to be processed and booked. The entire booking process can take anywhere from an hour, up to and even longer than twelve hours. The speed in which a defendant is processed can depend on how large the station is, how busy, and what crime the defendant has been charged with.

At the time of arriving for processing, the detainee will definitely get searched for any weapons not to mention contraband. Every bit of private property is going to get documented and consequently stored by an officer/jailer inside of the prison. This defendant won’t gain a chance to access any of their valuable private property, including cash, a credit card, and also cellphones. The booking process will incorporate an offender being fingerprinted, a background check, warrant check, in addition to actually processed in to the system. A defendant will be cross referenced through the nationwide criminal system, and then additionally be updated straight to this system. Once this section of the process happens to be fulfilled, the person is going to be led in to a jail cell.

Certain facilities will have a payphone, or otherwise, inmates will be allowed to access a telephone at the jailer’s convenience. Inmates are not capable of receiving phone calls and / or messages, so if you actually do acquire a call from a friend inside jail, make sure to write down all the critical information. In order for a good bail bond organization to aid him or her, you have got to understand what prison that they’re in, what they are accused of, and also just who also needs to be reached on the subject.

In the case any individual is now qualified to apply for bail, this process should can be set up at the time of the booking procedure. Bail bonds cannot be finished until the physical and also system processing is over. The moment a booking is over, the individual may well then look at release resources. If you’re planning to utilize a bail bond firm, initially find any appropriate facts given by this defendant at the time of their telephone call. A bail bond agency would need this info to be able to start any release processes.