Federal Bail Bonds In Anaheim

Most people are probably aware of what bail bonds are, even if they’re not exactly sure how the process works. Even less Americans would be aware of federal bail bonds and the process involved with them. Should someone you love ever be arrested with a federal crime, you need to consult a bail bonds Anaheim company immediately.

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Federal bail bonds are distinctively different from state bail bonds, even though they essentially provide the same result. The first noticeable difference is the amount of bail that a federal crime will demand. As federal crimes are considered to much more serious than that of a state crime, the bail amount set by the judge will be substantially higher than that set by the county for state bail. This in turn will result in the bail bond fee also being more expensive than the 10% bail bond fee in California. Normally, the cost of a federal bail bond will be 15% of the total amount of the federal bail.

Due to the complexity of seeking federal bail, it is never advised to undertake the task without professional assistance. It is always highly advised to consult with a professional bail bonds company such as ours.

Another difference between state bail and federal bail is that collateral will always have to be put up to secure federal bail, and perhaps even a federal bail bond. The defendant and/or their family will need to demonstrate that they have collateral worth 150% of the full bail amount. They will also need to prove that this collateral was gained via honest means, and not through criminal activity. This is an additional hearing called a “nebbia” hearing.

If someone you love has been charged with a federal crime, call us immediately on (714) 333-2907. Being available on a 24/7 basis, clients can be assured of getting the assistance they need, right at the time they need it. There is also more information available to be found on our website.